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Gratitude Extraordinary

We talked about gratitude recently and I was reminded again about gratefulness two days ago. I watched my horse canter around in the sunshine and it made me smile from the inside out. I always wanted a horse– I was one of those horse-crazy girls who begged and borrowed any horse I could so that I could ride. Or brush it. Or just hang out with it. I spent hours drawing them, studying them, yearning for them. It seems they were coded into my DNA and I felt a kind of separation within myself at the absence of that fulfillment. I was inexplicably drawn to them.

Though I could not have one of my own, I was blessed to have neighbors with horses who let me ride quite a bit. Every one of their horses was sorrel. Some people would call that color chestnut. Non-horse people would say red. Their draft horses were Suffolks, the smallest of the draft breeds, who only come in one color: red. Their American saddlebred could have been any number of colors, but she was red, as well. Seven horses, all the same color. I loved every one of them, but I dreamed of “someday,” when I could choose my own, I would have a black, or a blue roan, a palomino, or a buckskin. Maybe one of every color. Definitely not sorrel, though. Sorrel seemed rather ordinary to me.

After waiting decades for a horse of my own, you may well guess that I ended up with exactly that—a sorrel horse. My amazing red mare has been with me nine years and for a longest time, I had still wished her to be any other color.

Sometimes we lose gratitude for what is right in front of us because we see it all the time; we become blind to it. Has that ever happened to you?

As I watched her canter and roll, I could appreciate the brilliant copper, red, and gold hues in her shiny coat. She trotted over for a scratch on her withers and I was filled with gratitude that she is exactly the way she is. Her personality and heart could certainly be packaged in a fancier body or color, but that isn’t who she is. She is exactly who she was meant to be, sorrel coat and all. She is magnificent. She is my partner in adventure, my confidant, and my friend. And I am grateful for her being exactly as she is; she is extraordinary.

There is a phrase that a good horse is never a bad color and I now know it to be true. Are there any areas of your life where you have been blind to feeling gratefulness because what you have seems “too common”?

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  1. I have known you 31 years and you describe yourself to a T! “Where’s Rachel? She’s up with the horses.” I haven’t clicked on your posts as often as I should and today I did. Thank you. I think I have let myself get enveloped in too much stress and missed the common things right in front of me that I have been blind to, but are exactly what I needed to realize… for the blessings that they are.

    Thanks for bringing me back into focus.

    I wish you all the success you deserve! You are doing great and are a blessing to so many!

  2. Rachel, this is a beautiful post. Too often we do not see the great gifts that we have right now, in front of us. We become blinded by our wants and the future, we forget about our gifts and the present. Thank you for making me stop and consider what I should be grateful for, right now.

    PS. I also love horses 🙂

    • Absolutely, Emily! It can happen so easily in this crazy-busy world. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  3. Such an important reminder! I do this a lot when I look at the clothes hanging in my closet. I have curated a beautiful capsule wardrobe- few items, but of great style and quality. I thought once I reached this point I’d be satisfied, but I find myself consistently longing for some item I seen on Pinterest…

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