Simple Steps: Free 30 Days to a New You Program

When it comes to lifestyle changes, it can feel overwhelming. Our brains get filled with a lot of “shoulds” and honestly, “should” is a word we need to reserve for very rare occasions. “Should” is often filled with layers of guilt. It implies what was on the list, but went un-done.

It implies a level of how things ought to be, but aren’t. Try it for a few days: omit “should” from your vocabulary. Something either gets done, or it doesn’t. If it didn’t, don’t talk about what “should” have been. Relish in what IS. Enjoy the present moment.

On that note, if you want to take 30 days of baby steps to make positive┬álifestyle changes, I have a free program for you. It is called “30 Days to a New You” and it is designed to ease a person into mindful changes without the guilt. Without high pressure. Simple steps for lasting change.

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