Workout Review: Metabolic Prime

Have you spent a lot of time looking for the key program to heal your metabolism? I am super excited to tell you about a new program I have been enjoying. It is called “Metabolic Prime,” and it was designed by Dr. Jade Teta. Metabolic Prime is not hype and I want to share with you how this program is different than any other. I really love this program and it has been part of a great change in how I think about food, exercise, balance, and rest. I hesitate to call it a lifestyle, nutrition, or exercise program–because it is so much more–and when I say “program” I don’t mean it in a temporary kind of way. It really is a process. What I am learning I will use long-term. The sales page is, well, “salesy,” but don’t discount the information–it’s not more hype.

I first learned about Dr. Jade through my naturopathic doctor. He recommended Jade’s programs as a better path for me than the traditional “healthy diet and exercise” programs I had followed in the past that had caused me more damage than good.
The program is designed to be flexible in order to help you find what best works for  you in order to balance your hormones and improve your body composition. How so?

  1. This is not a “diet.” It is not designed to give you quick, short-term results.  It IS designed to help you look and feel your best for the rest of your life. It is sustainable.
  2. The key premise for nutrition is that you start with a baseline, and then adjust fat, starch, and portions from there at each meal to determine what works best for you– what works for *you* to feel your best. Dr. Jade uses indicators of sleep, hunger, mood, energy, and cravings, which are all indicators of hormone balance/imbalance.
  3. The key premise for the workout is rest-based training. “You work hard, you rest hard.” They are short, intense workouts that can be modified, as needed, to your body.
  4. Workouts are 3 days a week for 15 minutes each plus an optional 5-minute “burnout.” (I know! I didn’t believe it either- but they are hard AND awesome!)
  5. The program comes with a private Facebook support group, with monitoring and responses from coaches.
  6. Restorative activity, such as a daily 20 minute walk, is part of the program and help reduce cortisol.
  7. The program is designed as a 12-week process than can be repeated over and over; ultimately, you end up with a process that you know how to adapt to your body’s ever-changing needs and know how to adjust when your body’s needs change.
  8. It requires little to no equipment: you can use dumbbells, bands, or no weights at all. The training is done right at home. No travel time; no gym costs.
  9. Have I mentioned how much I love this program?

Currently, there is an introductory offer that allows you to get the digital and hard copy versions for only $37 for a limited time. That is less than a single appointment with a personal trainer. I tried the personal trainer route in the past (along with much more expensive programs) and it was not successful for me– trainers know a lot, but they are not integrative doctors. The trainer could not help me learn how to balance my hormones, improve my sleep, adjust my nutrition, etc. Nearly all trainers are still stuck on the overly simplified equation that to lose weight your calories in must be less than your calories out. Our bodies and metabolisms are constantly adjusting, so strictly counting calories doesn’t work.

All other programs I have used in the past resulted in rebounds of weight for several reasons: they did not work to resolve any existing hormone imbalances, they focused on restriction, they had lists of “allowed” foods, and so on. They could only be followed in a vacuum. Many resulted in overuse injuries from the training portion of the programs, fatigue, headaches, and burnout.

With Metabolic Prime, you discover through the process what works for you and your body. The support of the group is excellent. The responsiveness of the coaches is spot-on.  Because of his foundation as a integrative physician, physical trainer, and mindset, you get the best tools for success with this program. He gives you the information, the science behind the information, and he presents it in such a down-to-earth, real way. Compassion without enabling. He will tell you how it is, but he will do it with heart. He comes along side his clients, relates his own struggles, and encourages.

The workouts are short and intense, but not like anything else you have done before–even if you have done high intensity interval training. These are a step beyond– because you don’t risk injury and you don’t go beyond your capacity. I used to train more than seven hours a week. I could not enjoy it. I did not have the time for it. The rest-based workout intervals allow you to dig deep in a positive way. It is metabolic training at its best.

All that said, there are some people this program is not suited to. If you are looking to drop the last ten pounds in one week for an event, this is not for you. If you do not want a program that requires you to think as it guides you how to be your own detective, this is not for you. However, if you want a program designed to support you to improve your sleep, hunger, mood, energy, cravings, and body composition, then this is definitely the program for you. This program is about being your own best self. If you do the work, you will end up with an exact, custom program that works for your body. It is not a quick fix; it is a balanced approach.

Learn more about Metabolic Prime HERE.

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