Meal Plans

I know you have been wondering about nutrition and meal planning because many of you have asked me about it. Around  our house, there is one question that you can bet will be asked at 3:45 p.m. daily– my guess is that this happens at your house, too:

“What’s for dinner?”

That question used to make me crazy. I had this ridiculous pile of cookbooks, recipes torn from magazines, pdfs on my computer– I could never find what I needed when I needed it. And during soccer or baseball season, if it wasn’t planned ahead of time, it became a “grab and go” night of less than stellar choices. This was further complicated by the fact that some in my family have food sensitivities- including me. So how could I come up with well-planned meals, in advance, that were organized, for which I’d have all the ingredients, and that wouldn’t take me hours of planning?

Enter my lifesaver: RealPlans meal plans service.

meal plans

I think it might be a lifesaver for you, too. I have not found any other resource that is so comprehensive and meets the needs of me and my family. It is the perfect balance of structured and flexible. Do you want gluten free? Paleo? Other restrictions? So easy; just like that. Meals planned, recipes at your fingertips, shopping list generated.

Have you ever used one of those shopping lists that made you crazy because it included everything, including things you always have on hand? With RealPlans, you can fix that! Don’t like one of the choices? Swap it out. Want to change the number of meals planned or the type of meal? Just the click of the mouse.

Having company and need to plan for more people? You can easily adjust the number of servings. When I first subscribed I was a little concerned about how complicated it looked– but after watching the short tutorial, I realized it is hands-down the easiest tool ever.

Healthy meals are the foundation of good health. Food is the first line of healing for so many conditions and imbalances. I have learned this so well with all the hormone and thyroid research I have done.


So how does it all work? RealPlans is a subscription service–but it is really hard to beat at only $6/month for a variety of recipes, adjustments, planning, flexibility, and more. It saves me more than $6 in time and frustration. Not to mention food that used to get wasted. Once you log in, you answer a few questions about your needs. You can set the day of the week your meal week starts, too. Watch their tutorial video and you are on your way.

Once it generates a plan, you can make any changes you would like. You can even replace ingredients. It also creates a timeline that tells you what to do when– if you need to defrost a frozen item, or start your slow cooker, it will tell you when to do that. Crazy, right? Want a hard copy? You can save it all to a pdf document.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really is all that and more. I have been so impressed with it as tool, with the recipes, with the user-friendly interface, and with the customer service. This is not just software they threw on the internet; this is a thoughtful, service-oriented application that can truly free up time, reduce food waste, and save money. I have tried a variety of meal plans; this is hands-down the absolute best meal planning program I have used.

meal plans