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Ultimate Wellness Journal for WomenThe Ultimate Wellness Journal for Women: a holistic approach to health is an eight-week journal designed to help you track symptoms and improve your health. It has been recently updated, including a fabulous new cover.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Anxious? Waking up at night unable to fall back asleep? Do you feel overwhelmed but you aren’t even sure exactly why? (Or, do you blame your stressful life?)

This journal can be used by women of all ages, but I know women in midlife will find it particularly useful. Our hormones begin declining in our early 30s– even though we are likely many years from menopause. Environmental and lifestyle factors have contributed to greater hormone imbalances experienced at younger ages. Birth control pills, environmental pollutants, additives in our foods, our high-stress lifestyles, and our inability to relax all play a role in our body’s hormone balance. We tend to sit most of the day–even if we hit the gym regularly, it isn’t enough to offset the negative effects of our indoor, sedentary jobs.

Many women are also suffering from low thyroid function or food sensitivities, however, these can how up as vague symptoms. Maybe you hurt your ankle and the pain just doesn’t quite all go away. Or maybe you feel lethargic after eating. Difficulties conceiving? Insomnia? This journal is designed to give you very specific tracking of this information, allowing you to see correlations and cause-effect scenarios.

If you are working with a medical practitioner, the journal will allow you to see trends in improvement (or lack of improvement) over the course of time. It is an ideal tool to document information you need to share with your practitioner.

The journal tracks body composition, sleep habits, activity and exercise, body temperature, menstrual cycle, mood, pain symptoms, circadian rhythm activities, relaxation & restoration activities, hunger, and nutrition.

I know it is easy to feel like the body is betraying you. You might feel like you are doing everything “right” and still unable to lose weight–or you are gaining weight. Or you just don’t feel vital anymore. Your body is not betraying you–it is giving you messages. This journal allows you to document, visualize, and understand the messages so that you can take action to be your best. You can pick up your own copy here in paperback binding or you can pick up a spiral bound copy here, also from Amazon..

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