A perspective on balance


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Are you trying to find balance in your life? Is it a struggle? Women are pulled between a career, kids, events, obligations, marriage, friendships, their house– the list goes on. However, how well balanced (or not balanced) your hormones are can have a direct effect on your perspective of how well balanced your life feels.

In the same way that women experience premenstrual syndrome, there are hormone fluctuations and imbalances that can occur on a broader scale.  As described by Dr. Nisha Jackson in her book, The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause, you may feel anxious, moody, weepy, and irritable.  It’s important that you don’t get hung up thinking that hormone imbalance only happens to older women. Because our lifestyles are often high stress and filled with activities counter-productive to hormone balancing, it can happen at any age.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your life, it’s consider the role your hormones may be playing. It isn’t always the answer, but it may be part of the answer for you. The one way to find out? Find an integrative healthcare practitioner who will test you.

I thought my life seemed fairly busy and overwhelming, too. I thought that the reason there was no balance was because I had no way to balance anything in my life. I had so many obligations, so much stuff to do, I was always tired, I always had more that I “should” get done. Go. Go. Go. House to clean, kids to transport, shopping to get done. Not to mention my work. Really– who wouldn’t be tired, right? There was a lot to juggle in my life!

Except that it was more about my hormone balance than life balance; as the former was put into place, the latter became much more natural. Are there some busier days than others? Do I still get frazzled sometimes? Absolutely. The difference is, my natural coping mechanism is healthy. I am not running on empty, battle hormones, and trying to make the world spin around. When the pressure rises, I feel it and I know what I need to do to re-balance my life and keep it in perspective.

I can move on and not feel guilty. I no longer operate my life based on “should.”

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