Welcome to SoulSpark Publication

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m an author, coach, and holistic health fan.  Through passionate research, science, and a good dose of humor, I help women lose the extra fat, fatigue, and overwhelm so they can embrace the joy, energy, and excitement of midlife.

Join me in taking midlife by storm.

SoulSpark Publication is all about living out loud in your 30s, 40s, and beyond. What does that mean exactly? It is about taking action and embracing all that God designed you to be. More than perfection—be beautiful imperfection. Casting fear aside and allowing ourselves to breathe into the depths of our souls. Taking actions to improve our physical and emotional health and not sliding by.  We do not need to just survive each day running from one “should do” to the next. We do not need to suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or mood swings. It can be hard work, but it is well worth it. SoulSpark Publication is about nurturing the garden of your body and soul.

Here is what I know: change is inevitable, but how we grow through change is up to us. It is about how we are willing to nurture and develop into our full selves, take accountability for our health, balance our lives, and discover the latent amazingness hiding inside.

What are you doing today to become more of what God designed you to be? To live out loud, full of vibrancy? To be truly alive and on fire, that every day is an amazing gift, to be unwrapped and cherished?

Share your journey. Come alive. Be all you were created to be. Here. Now.